Event 告知 第一弾 ♪

There is a first notice of next exhibition on this blog & my website !
Details will be forthcoming shortly. Please don't miss the next updating....*

こちらのブログ右側、"EVENT" アイコンからもご覧頂けます^^




Although I was relieved that completed a summary of the pre-fall trend a few days ago, immediately next season is coming. Already it has started a show of this year's F/W season in NY, on the other hand, the spring and summer fashion items began to move in earnest in Tokyo.
Soon it will be started in London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week, and we will be swayed by this crazy extravaganza until April !!

先日プレフォール(秋冬の前、晩夏から初秋にかけて)のトレンドをまとめ終わったと思いきや、既にNYでは今年の秋冬シーズンのショーが始まり、一方東京ではようやく店頭で春夏の流行アイテムやカラーが本格的に動き始め...このままロンドン〜ミラノ〜4月のパリコレクションが終わるまで否応なしに"トレンド狂想曲" に乗せられてしまう時期の始まりです(>w<;)

So I had made some clippings of next season's fashion accessories including jewelry, bags, and shoes. And I was surprised, because just found these image boards.

It was made by my niece two and a half years old, she has made it cut out some pictures, some cute accessories and sweets advertising photos from the old magazines and flyers, as I usually making....
does she show promising ability for the future?